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The legend

History of the Dietrichshorn

The Dietrichshorn is also known colloquially as the Alblhorn. In a hidden rock wall on the mountain there is said to be a cave leading steeply downwards, at the bottom of which there is a golden chariot. If you want to lift it, you mustn’t say a word, however.

Once upon a time, a farmer's son from Hallenstein dared to try it and, with the help of friends, let himself down into the cave on a rope. The rope whirred length by length into the depths. Finally, his feet touched the floor of the cave, and then, surrounded by all sorts of shimmering tools, he saw a strange, shiny and heavenly vehicle. Blinded by the prospect of never-ending wealth, he called up to his friends: "We'll have loads of gold!" At that very moment, the rocks echoed with his call, he was surrounded by the pitch-black night, and all the glimmer and gold were gone.

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